Saturday, August 15

Concussion and Head Injuries

“Student Athletes: Concussions and Head Injuries” (IC 20-34-7)

This law requires that schools distribute information sheets to inform and educate coaches, student athletes, and parents of student athletes concerning the nature and risk of concussion and head injury to student athletes, including the risks of continuing to play after concussion or head injury. The law requires that each year, before beginning practice for an interscholastic or intramural sport, a high school student athlete and the student athlete’s parents must be given an information sheet, and both must sign and return a form acknowledging receipt of the information to the student athlete’s coach. The law further states that a high school athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game, shall be removed from play at the time of injury and may not return to play until the student athlete has received a written clearance from a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussions and head injuries.

Concussion Information