Saturday, August 15

Health Forms and Immunization Information

The health and well being of GCCS students is important to us because healthy students are better prepared to learn and meet their goals. Below, you will find links to information about common health concerns along with all of the forms you may need to prepare for the upcoming school year.


Greater Clark County Schools participates in CHIRP (CHILDREN AND HOOSIERS IMMUNIZATION REGISTRY PROGRAM). Click below for details. EnglishEspañol

Head Lice

Follow the link below for information about avoiding and managing Head Lice   EnglishEspañol ChecklistInfo Sheet


Follow the link below for important information about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection and Vaccine EnglishEspañol

Meningococcal Disease

Follow the link below for information about Meningococcal Disease. Meningococcal Disease


Follow the links below for information about Pertussis. Letter to ParentsQuick Facts